Mc Jessy has that one special woman he always mentions.

If you have watched him on Churchill Show, he is always giving his history with the love of his life, Nkirote. We have always thought she was fake and he just uses that name as a comedic prop. He always refers to his past with Nkirote in almost every joke in a way that makes her seem unreal.Mc_Jessy

Well, today we were privileged to see her. He took to social media with an old picture seeing as it is Thursday, so TBT. The picture is of him when MC Jessy was a young boy and Nkirote who has kamatad him and given him a kiss on his cheek.

With the caption:

Mmekuwa mkiulizia Nkirote. Sasa sio huyu 😜

Mc_Jessy. photo credit: file

This is not the only lady MC Jessy has been associated with. He was married to one Elizabeth Nyambura and they had a child together. That was all good in the past but for now, he is with current lady love, Shix Kapyenga.

Shix has made her way into radio and the entertainment industry at large, slowly but surely. She now has a show at Hot 96 and has scooped advertisements such as the Airtel one. She is famous for the phrase mashakura, I kent!


MC Jessy and Shix have navigated tricky issues about their relationship well, always opting out saying they do not want to talk about their personal life.

Mc Jessy was married for 6 years to his wife they were blessed with a baby boy who resembles him 100%.

Mali ya vaite murume! MC Jessy shows off his big cassava in viral photos, Eric Omondi Kando

Now meet the first lady who stole Mc Jessy’s heart before all the drama:

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