Celestine Ndinda, aka Wakavinye, wife to Comedian Njugush has advised her fans that keeping your circle of friends small is the best decision, especially while living in Nairobi.
Celestine has been supportive of her husband Njugush from way back even before he became a celeb and Njugush considers himself lucky to have found such a wife.

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The couple has maintained their long-time friends, Celestine disclosed the secret behind that.

Njugush and wife Celestine Ndinda
Njugush and wife Celestine Ndinda having dinner on a dhow cruise
She said,

“I have learnt that in life you need to learn at most five close friends.
By doing this be sure that the first three will help you when you are in need.”

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She went on to say that when you have so many, you will end up misusing money.

“Imagine all those friends have birthdays and they need you to show up, yaani everytime you are planning of how to spend unlike when you have a small circle.”

She added that there is also alot of pressure from many people.

“Ata kama umesota, it is hard to communicate that to a big number of people because some will gossip about you and most of them show up when you have a party but when you are in a problem you will not have them around,” she said.

Njugush and wife Celestine

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Another thing she said is that as a person, you need to be yourself.

“When you compete with your friends, you will get exhausted. So go with your pace.”

Some of the couple’s close friends include; Abel Mutua and his wife Judy Nyawira, Philip and his wife Cate Actress.

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