Njugush and his wife

Kenyans are speculating that comedian Njugush and his wife might be expectant with their second child, thanks to the cold season in 2019.

As you might know by now 2019 was a busy month for married couples as the weather really favoured ‘Twa Twa’ sessions.

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Njugush took to his social media to share that 2020 is a year of double blessings.

‘We have a BIG announcement on Monday 10am stay tuned……..wanna take a guess? Hii ni ile mwaka ya double double @celestinendinda’


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Well many have speculate that the comedian and his wife Celstine Ndinda might be expecting their second born and we agree with them.

Check out some of the hilarious reactions.

bienaimesol: @celestinendinda ako na mimba ya quadruplets.

eddiebutita: Mnaongeza Tugi mwingine ama?.

kabiwajesus: Congratulations guys cant wait for the reveal of Tugis face 😂🤣😂.

To which Celestine responded.

‘@kabiwajesus 😂😂😂😂 you wait until we are ready.’

kabiwajesus: Nimeanza kuboeka kungoja am sure he looks like his dad @blessednjugush

hannahkym4: Uko na ball ni ww ulikuwa umebaki…… Mmmaseleb washapata.

koech4309:Mnataka kuongeza sumbua mwingine ama😂.

lydiasimiyu2:Nishajua…kuna kitu ndani ya oven.

paulinekarasha: Wakavinye is pregnant.

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