Njugush and his wife

Kenyan comedian Njugush in an interview with Dr. Kingo’ri of ‘Wicked Edition’ said that his wife is the one who manages their finances.

The witty couple met while in campus before settling down.

Njugush said his long term friendship with Celestine has helped them navigate through certain issues in their marriage as well as help them make decisions when it comes to finances.

“When it comes to money, I’m so lucky to have broken that ice, coz most of the time when you work together or differently mnaandikiananga nani anapaswa kununua kiti ama kuleta chakula ya kuku.

But in this case how it all started, yeye ndio alikua sponsor, yeye ndio alikua ananisort akiwa first year. Somehow mimi sikuwa na kakitu because in college kuna ile pesa nilikua napatiwa na ikipita hapo siezi zidisha, so siezi itisha doo” Njugush said

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They are so transparent with their finances that when the roles reversed Celestine was handling his ATM.

“When I started making few coins yeye hakua anamake as much, however it was not hard for me, actually yeye ndio alikua incharge of my ATM, yeye ndio alikua anaoperate doh from hiyo time” he added

Wakavinye added that she is actually the one who pays Njugush salary

‘ I pay his salary, which is obviously higher than mine, then I pay myself. The remaining cash is used to do other things.

We never argue about it because we want the same things.’


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