The comedian posing

Njugush is one comedian who most people have a positive feeling about. You will rarely if ever find him getting negative press and that will not start today.

He is moving on up

Why? We are celebrating the comic is building a new mansion. He shared an image of the house which is still undergoing construction on his Instagram page.

Njugush house
The house being built: Courtesy/ udakunairobi

Njugush whose real names are Timothy Kimani Ndegwa has an inspiring story to tell. The comedian started from the bottom, literally like Drake’s song goes and is now an established star.

His caption for the above photo shows the value he places on God being a guiding force in his life. The house will come as a shock to many as the entertainer has nary given a hint that he was making such a life-changing and long-lasting investment.

Njugush, his wife Celestine and son having lunch at Highlands restaurant

It should be noted the comedian got into comedy and TV as a nobody. However, the father of one worked hard and struck many deals which fattened his bank account.

His fairytale life story just keeps getting better as the comedian has been blessed with a lovely wife, Celestine Ndinda.

Njugush and Celestine

She has been with him when he was dirt poor and now can enjoy the fruits of his labour. Wise men say that the true test of a woman is when her man has nothing. Celestine passed that with flying colours.

Comedian Njugush
Comedian Njugush with wife and son

The wise men also say that the true test of a man and his marriage is when he becomes rich. Njugush is that now and he looks to be doing well, building a home and hearth for his wife and child.

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