Kenyan comedian Njugush is rocking a new hairstyle after losing a bet he had made with his wife, Celestine Ndinda alias Wakavinye.

The outcome of his loss was an old man’s haircut that robbed him of the middle part of his hair.

Known for his satire, Njugush has starred in a video on his Instagram trying hide his half shaved head to no avail.

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Taking to her social media, Celestine explained,

‘By the time you get into a bet please make sure your okay 🤭… Cc @blessednjugush’

The advise might have come a little too late for Njugush.

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Below are some of the reactions.

confreyalianji:Kibaki mdogo 🤣🤣 Timo uko Na ufala kwenda huko.
stevefbai:bibi alienda kujifanya dufanda.
johniewelding: Shida ni aty anakaa ni kama angefanya more😂😂😂😂… Ogopa this species in skirts😢😢.
jane.gedion.5:Imagine kumbe wewe na obado mnaweza elewana poa.
stevefbai:😂😂bibi alienda kujifanya dufanda the barber.
je_mappelle_steven:unakaa landlord kihara.
What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you after losing a bet? Share with us tutoe stress pamoja.

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