Celestine Ndinda and her husband Njugush have refuted claims that they are expectant with baby number two, contrary to what people believe.

They were responding after some people assumed she was expectant after sharing old photos of her first pregnancy.

‘My overgrown baby,’ Kate Actress pens love letter to first born son

This she shared in line with her recent You Tube discussion ‘Celes’ Pregnancy’ where they have been opening up on their journey as parents.

‘They just run with anything,my mum was even asking where the pregnancy is considering I was with her last week and she saw no baby bum.’

Cele had earlier said that she was disappointed after getting pregnant just four months after the wedding.

‘I was very disappointed,’ Njugush wife on getting pregnant four months after wedding

She was however quick to add that around the fifth month, blessings started flooding.

‘We were wondering how we would manage with a kid but everything changed.

He opened doors for us and we became many.’ Said Cele

To those saying she is pregnant

‘Thanks for the prayers.’said the mother of one

Now you know, Njugush and his wife are not expectant na mimba haifichiki so when they are ready to tell, we shall know.

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