Kenyans-Love-Ugali in Njaanuary

January has been perceived as a terrible month over the years mostly because of over indulgence during the December holidays and people getting broke. Today we will give you a few reasons to be optimistic about January.

  1. You can finally eat healthy meals.
    Admit it, having a lot of money and time fuels your bad fast food habits. Being broke in January can be a great motivation in starting a new habit, mostly because there is no other option. Yes, go to that kibanda and have ugali managu!
  2. A fresh start.
    Don’t listen to those who will try to discourage you from making goals for the year. It is a fact that most people don’t follow through with their resolutions. There are people who do follow through with their resolutions. If other people can become better, then so can you. Good luck with your great start!
  3. You finally realize that having fun does not have to involve partying or alcohol.
    One of the few blessings of Njaanuary brokenness is that it will force you to be more creative in choosing what you consider to being fun activities. You can go for walks instead, you can finally visit the museum on an afternoon, you can invite friends over for some board games… the options are infinite.
  4. If you have extra money, you can make more money by becoming a loan shark.
    Yes, your friends may be broke in some financial problems. This is where you come in and start your own financial institution with a low interest rate.
  5. You will be more focused.
    Nothing inspires a person who is used to having money more than being broke. You are more likely to get work done and be more focused. Yes, you will send that “Naenda job kesho” text to your friends on a Friday evening in Njaanuary.
  6. Arsenal
  7. There are no weddings in January.
    Yes, you don’t have to go through the stress of finding a new outfit, attending wedding committees and ruracios or practicing dance moves for wedding line ups.
  8. The neighborhood is silent.
    Kids are finally back to school and there isn’t much noise at home. You have more time to relax
  9. No more summer bunnies.
    We all have that friend who comes back from America or Europe with the “Aki in America its so much safer than this, What is wrong with this country?”
  10. You wont rush a relationship because you are too broke to afford gifts for valentines.