Controversial Pastor James Ng’ang’a has responded to the viral video of him threatening to interfere with the ‘normal functioning’ of his congregants’ ‘male organs’.

In the video, Ng’ang’a is heard giving a warning to the men who try to disturb him. He uses derogative terms that equate them to fools and threatens to disable their abilities to engage in intercourse by using undisclosed means and powers.

The pastor has since been sued by his church’s male members for threatening and using abusive language and insults directed towards them, such as “ng’ombe wewe” and “ng’ombe hizi”.

Speaking to Word Is on Monday, Ng’ang’a said his enemies are cutting clips from his sermons to bring him down. “Those were once my workers who are rival churches,” he said.

He says the clip was taken from a full sermon, which is on his YouTube channel, to portray him as a bad person.

“I was preaching and the topic I was discussing had me touch on men,” he said.

A few weeks ago, more controversial video clips were doing the rounds, including one where he is seen humiliating a female church member, and many have been left wondering if he is seeking publicity.

“I don’t want to trend, this is my church, I have bought with my money, and the TV station that I am preaching on is also mine,” Ng’ang’a said.

“So I don’t need any publicity that people are putting me into. I am old and rich enough to look for publicity.”

He said most stories written and said about him are all negative.”Why do people want to touch on the negative things I do? I feed people, I heal people among other things but no one who wants to write about that,” he said.

He warned those tarnishing his name and said he will only ask God to bless them.

“My followers know me and that is why they still come to my church. I have so many followers, including women, and I would not any day humiliate any,” Ng’ang’a said. 

He said in this country, pastors are different and have different ways of passing their message to people. “We cannot be similar, kwani sisi ni meno? My people love me and they keep wondering what is wrong with haters because they were in the sermon and did not have any problem with,” he said.

About his wealth, Ng’ang’a said God has blessed him and, therefore, he will never be ashamed about that.

“It hurts me when people write false things about me without calling to confirm. They will fight me but if God called me, those demons cannot put me down,” he said.

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