The son of Mexican drug kingpin Damaso Lopez Nunez has handed himself over to US officials on the border.

Damaso Lopez Serrano, known as El Mini Lic and the son of one of El Chapo’s top henchmen, voluntarily surrendered to DEA authorities at the border between Mexicali and the Californian city of Calexico last week.

Serrano, the son of Damaso Lopez Nunez and reported godson of El Chapo, boasted about the glamorous parts of his life that were paid for presumably with drug money on social media.

His Instagram account featured pictures of sports cars, an armory-worth of weapons, a pet tiger cub, as well as armed men in the back of trucks and stacks of narcotics.

Serrano posted this picture, as well as many others, on Instagram showing off his lavish lifestyle
Pictured is one of the photographs Serrano put on his Instagram page. It shows a big cat in front of him while drinking a beer

Damaso Lopez Serrano's handguns


Damaso Lopez Serrano machine gun

One photograph showed an old man appearing to snort a white powder of some variety.

The most recent post to the account came on the day of Serrano’s arrest, and showed a man brandishing two gold-plated guns.

Serrano’s surrender was reported by Mexican news wire service EFE last week.

The outlet added authorities in Mexicali had been searching for the kingpin’s son in the days prior to him crossing the border.

In this picture from his Instagram, the alleged godson of El Chapo's post shows a machine gun and bullets inside his car

Damaso Lopez Serrano posted this picture on Facebook recently, showing stacks of money, weapons and alcohol on a table

This picture posted on Instagram shows a man, believed to be Serrano, carrying an assault rifle with a golden body


Serrano's Instagram was filled with photographs of him with big cats. In this picture, the man - believed to be the drug kingpin's godson - it petting a tiger


In this photo, a man believed to be Serrano is pictured holding a handgun with a 'Gucci' handle 

A man, believed to be Serrano - El Chapo's godson, is seen in this pictured resting a gold-played rifle on his leg while in the driver's seat of his car

He is the son of Lopez Nunez, who was himself arrested by Mexican authorities in May.

At the time of his arrest in May, Lopez Nunez was believed to be fighting for control of the Sinaloa Cartel against the sons of its captured leader Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman.

Serrano once had a friendly relationship with El Chapo’s children, according the San Diego Union Tribune, but that disappeared when his father began fighting for control of the cartel.

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is escorted from a plane by US authorities after he was extradited from Mexico to America in January
Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is escorted from a plane by US authorities after he was extradited from Mexico to America in January

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Source: Daily Mail