A married woman has left social media shocked after she called out her husband, askim him to refund money she’d loaned him. According to this woman, her husband, the father of her children, borrowed her 2 million to ‘boost his business’ only for him to take another woman to Dubai for holiday.

‘My Husband’s Mpango Wa Kando Beat Me Up Like A Burukenge When I Confronted Her,’ Cries Kenyan Woman

Well, the young mother has vowed to do anything just to get her money and leave her husband to marry whoever he wants to.

Here’s what she wrote to a popular relationship expert.

“I am calling my husband out.

Mr T (not real name) give me the 2 million I loaned you, I will not warn you again, this time I will bundle you to the police station, give me my money you borrowed.

This idiot of a man came to me crying for money, I used to borrow him before but little money like 100k or 200k. This man came crying like a baby that he needed 2 million to sort out business that he will give me back, only for me to find out that this foolish man used it to travel with another girl to Dubai, abandoned my kids and  I here and lied to me that he was in China, may my God punish you .

Mr T, may you never prosper in your life. This, my husband, created another Facebook profile and declared himself single but engaged to Ms K. God will punish you both .
My friend came across the profile and sent it to me, so I had to start digging, he even rented her a one-bedroom flat, with my money, my sweat, my savings. I confronted him and he had the guts to tell me that he is getting a second wife, with my money.

Oga give me my money first. I held his shirt, and he gave me 200k from his car, remaining 1.8 million, he is still telling me stories. I will arrest this man, I will torture him, I swear on my life and I will tell my children that he is not their true father.  Let him give me my money and I will let him go and marry anybody he wants to marry. Mr T give me my money, you are playing with fire. I will show you my devil side, Mr T give me my money!”

Social media users have also called out Mr. T and they want him to refund his wife’s money. Here is what some had to say;

Stella: Mr T give her bk her money jor.. borrowing money to cheat, dont you have shame

Toko: Give your wife her money. Sis is not playing with you.

Zeggy: God will definitely not forgive u. Go n give her back her money n leave her in peace. Do whatever you need to do to get your money back because your hubby is heartless

Souvenirfairy: Evil men everywhere they don’t have shame again

Marvin: Very unfortunate…..men like this should come as toilet paper, pampers or toilet pipes

Dolly: So he can’t use his own money to go marry another wife, Mr fool

Ezine: some men just want curses.. better give her the money to avoid problems.. meanwhile madam 2nd wife that is commenting.. you no dey shame?

Dorris: I just want to be a baby mama m tired of this marriage rubbish up n down…

Fred: Why use her money to marry another woman…

Ann: Men who no longer have shame. What a disgrace. Give her the money

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