Nipsey Hussle

As the marathon continues, all the things that Nipsey Hussle loved and cherished proceed to carry out his legacy in live form amid his passing.

Nipsey and Lauren-
Nipsey and Lauren posing

One of those things being his local Crenshaw community in the form of an entire basketball court.

On Sunday (April 14), the Nipsey Hussle Memorial Basketball Court was unveiled by the children of the Crete Academy in the late artist’s honor.

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According to The Source. the court sits outside of non-profit charter school Crete Academy, a school whose student population views Nipsey as the epitome of success.

The founder of Crete Academy, Hattie Mitchell told CBS about the lengths Nipsey’s presence had on the children highlighting the impact of his deeds.
He said:
“Or our kids to look at Nipsey and see to see everything he’s done, what he was able to accomplish and how much he gave back to the community is huge for them…because he looks like them. He grew up where they grew up.  He’s the epitome of everything that they want to be and aspire to be”.
The project was spearheaded by Nick Ansom, CEO of the Venice Basketball League. Ansom and Hussle were in talks about developing a community project together as they both shared a love for basketball and contributing to the community.
Ansom found the court mural of Nipsey to be a way to comfort the people of Crenshaw of Nipsey’s everlasting support, despite his passing.
The couple together
He maintained that the rapper spoke through his music, but he also spoke through his actions, You have Nipsey looking out toward his neighborhood and saying, ‘I’m still here with you guys.
The 46 feet wide and 78 feet long mural was painted by Muralist Gustavo Zermano, who is also a certified Hip-Hop head as he expressed his tune in to Tupac Shakur.
– Daily Mail.