A K24 Swahili news anchor is currently embroiled in a bitter custody battle with his baby mama over their three year old child. The journalist, Job Mwaura started out as an intern at Citizen TV, that is when he meet his baby mama, Diana Gacheri Kimathi. Later he got a plum job at K24.

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Now, the two are in a bitter court battle for their three-year-old daughter who is sickly and needs a lot on attention from both parents.

After they broke up, the couple settled on a written agreement in 2014, however, according to court documents, Diana claims, Job Mwaura abandoned her and the child who has a “condition that has forced her to undergo surgery to remove adenoids in 2015.”

Diana added in her affidavit,

“Sometime in 2015, he started delaying sending the money and he would give excuses that he was handling some urgent issues that required financial input.”

Defending himself, Job Mwaura in an affidavit said, “I was shocked to see the condition of the minor. She was malnourished, under weight and seriously starving, was lacking essential vitamins such as A and D and had pneumonia, among other diseases and ended up paying a medial bill of Sh187,000.”

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According to the Nairobian, Job is seeking for full custody of the child.

“I later learnt that the respondent has not been taking care of the minor and had instead left the minor with her mother in Kayole who is jobless and the house where she lives is not in good condition for the three-year-old, yet I’ve been sending her money.”

On the Sh25,000 upkeep, the media personality asked the court to review it because he has other pressing responsibilities like his sickly father and taking care of his other siblings.

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