NIPE SHIRINGI!! Trey Songz Gives Kid Begging On Kenyatta Avenue Sh5,000. Kenyans React!

Visiting American RnB star, Trey Songz seems to be igniting debate, left right and centre. Hours after jetting into the country, last week, the Slow Motion hitmaker hit the road running. Trey took a matatu to work – to the Coke Studio recording site.

This ride saw him trend on social media. He was the talk of town.

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Yesterday, after the Coke Studio Africa launch party on Saturday night, Trey took a stroll in the CBD wearing a Harambee stars national football jersey. Posing for a photo at the junction of Kenyatta Avenue and Kimathi Lane with the jersey printed “KENYA” across his chest, he wrote, in a Facebook post, “I’ve been going non stop since I touched down. Today I actually had the chance to get a little rest and actually took a stroll through town! I never post a lot of things at once but I’m about to lol! Also follow My photographer @MelDCole he’s caught some amazing moments while here. I’ve had an unforgettable experience and definitely will be back. Thanks to all the people who showed me love! I’m going to miss you Nairobi!!!”

During his stroll in town, he met a little boy who was begging on the streets. Trey took a photo with him and posted,

“This little dude was alone with his empty cup in busy downtown Nairobi and he just looked at me and smiled as we were walking. I gave him the equivalent of like 50 dollars. Then I asked him if I could take a picture with him. Something about how big and beautiful his spirit was, while holding an empty cup put a lot of things in perspective for me. Overwhelmed with gratitude in these moments. Love my people so much.”

This post sparked a debate.

One commenter wrote, “Yes 50 dollars is A LOT to that one child but surely if you cared you could do more to bring him out of poverty and having to beg on the streets. 50 dollars is not a lot to you I’m sure….”

Another view by Joe Kenya read, “I hope you ain’t trying to put out the image which guys from white dominated countries do, if it was from bottom of the heart then God bless.”

Ireri Tanya explained, “Hate to say this but unfortunately this kids are sent out to beg by their parents sad thing is now its lie cartels.even the disabled are put on the streets to beg by a bunch of people who later collect off them every single coin.thats why many people in kenya ignore them or get them food instead. Trey thanks. You didn’t know.”

Zura Said Ali had a contrary opinion, she wrote, “Honestly, most Kenyans ignore these kids..I included…so for you to stop,help n go to the extent of asking, if you could take a photo, is such a biiiiig deal..Thank you..thank you for reminding me what’s most important.

Karen Wairimu added, “It was wonderful what you did trey and hope you continue doing good things to those who need it. People too dont get it twisted, we all ain’t poor and starving in Kenya! Just like every other country there are the rich, middle class and the poor… my country is beautiful and amazing.”

Maureen Mwaniki continued, “Mungu akubariki na akulinde. You are a true, amazing soul. When you give with a pure heart you receive tonnes of blessings. I cant pray for less than that for you.”