Technology has taken another turn this time. It is posing as a threat to H-art the band and their career.

Popular boy band, H_art The Band, are trying to maintain an image after their Instagram account has yet again been hacked.

Weird messages are being sent to their fans’ DM’s that look like they are compromising the image they have with their fans.

With the fear of losing their fans and maintaining their brand, they went ahead to warn the fans. They posted on their individual Instagram pages warning their fans against this ninja who has hacked their account.

With this not being the first case, it raises an alarm as to what is really going on and who wants to destroy their already built fan base.

Chira, better known as the spoken word poet, posted:

 Note: in case you get any of those Messages ,please note that it’s not us in control of the A/C 

He also made sure to alert them that their team is working on recovering their account and when it is back, they will let their fans know.

Here is a photo of their hacked account: