Cyrus Jirongo

Dear Kenyan women, if you have to bed a prominent personality make sure you don’t start complaining when things go south. I’m not saying its bad but it’s just good for you to keep quiet and move on. Ukiwachwa wachika!

Anyway, the story trending today is about veteran politician Cyrus Jirongo.

cyrus jirongo

According to a story published in today’s Nairobian newspaper, Jirongo had an affair with a 21-year-old Elvyna Lusaria whom he promised to help pay for her university school fees but later ‘pulled out.’ Jirongo, a 56-year-old and a polygamist is said to have dished the lady’s honeypot for quite a while before dumping her.

“I was given Jirongo’s number by a friend who said he might help pay my university fees. I sent him a text and he asked me to meet him in Nairobi,” said Lusaria.

Lusaria, who had ambitions to study and help her family in future, narrated how Jirongo responded to her text and invited her to meet him at some joint so that they would discuss  the matter. She was hungry for education and she did as Jirongo said.

“I went and found him with two gentlemen, drinking whisky. I don’t drink, but he asked me to take a bottle of Tusker Light. Since I wanted to please him, I took two bottles and said I had drunk enough. He got me more bottles and then told me that he would get me a place to sleep. Jirongo Also gave ME Sh30,000 for an apartment to spend the night.

I paid and he came to my room, saying he wanted to see how good it was. That’s when he started touching me and promised me Sh200,000 for my university fees. He also told me that there was no way he could help me if I didn’t sleep with him. Because I was desperate for the fees, and also drunk, I agreed and he had sex with me without protection. On Thursday morning, he asked me to stay in the apartment and promised to return with my school fees in the evening,” narrated the naive girl.

The following day, Lusaria said that she tried calling Jirongo but he wasn’t picking up and this prompted her to text him.

“Si you send me money I go. Mbona unanifanyia hivi? And I trusted you ukanif**k bila cd na sina hata pesa ya pills,”


Upon reading her message to Jirongo, he later replied;

“Unatumiwa fair. The 200k till next week Thursday.” 

Wuueh! Na ushanyanduliwa! Ladies, what would you do if your sponsor did the same to you?


Well, the conversation went on between the two but later on, it turned savage when they started insulting each other through texts.

“I am trying to be good but you don’t see. How much did we agree you were to send me? You know you are my grandfather,” read the young girl’s message.

This did not go well with Jirongo who then returned a savage or rather sarcastic text asking her whether the price of her grandfather was 200k.

“The price of a grandfather is 200k?”

Wololo! Zero chills. Below are the photos bearing the conversations between Jirongo and his alleged chips funga.


Cyrus Jirongo


Cyrus Jirongo