David Wonder

Former EMB signee David Wonder says his music is inspired by his personal experience. His new song ‘Zunguka’ talks about how he wandered before finding God.

“This song explains the kind of tribulations most Kenyans go through. Before meeting anyone else, I met God and through him, I started doing music,” he told Word Is on Sunday.

David Wonder was among the artistes who ditched Bahati’s record label after having some differences.

Recounting what happened, Wonder said Bahati told them he had done his part in their careers and whoever wanted to leave the label was free to do so, and whoever wanted to stay was free to stay.

“God has been great so far with the new journey working under new record label ‘Safri records’,” Wonder said. He is currently working on an album.

David Wonder

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The singer adds that for the last few weeks he has been showing some love to himself, hence, the weight add.