Willy Paul
The singer posing

Willy Paul has revealed that this is one of the most painful moments in his life and career. The singer has lost two female dancers in the past few days, on different occasions.

Pozze has taken to social media to share with fans how sorrowful these past days have been, that saw him isolate himself in his house.

Hallo #TeamPozze It’s a new year with new blessings but I’ve faced a lot of challenges and fights so far.. Unknowingly to my enemies that this is the most painful season in my musical life 😭😭 Loosing close friends that i count as my family coz they believed in my dream even before kafunguke.. Nimekuwa najifungia kwa nyumba nalia a whole day but nkirudi online napatana na propaganda na story chafu about the death of my two female dancers..

Willy added that he has received a lot of backlash from haters even during this painful moment.

Sina cha kusema 🙏🙏 kifo hutembelelea kila familia leo ni mimi napoteza ndugu au rafiku, kesho ni wewe!!! That’s when you’ll feel the pain of loosin a loved one in your life.. Nashukuru yeyote ambaye amenisupport kwa hii situation gumu na pia Asante kwa wanao nitusi na kusema maneno yasiyo na msingi.. Mungu anaona yote.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Willy Paul's dancer's burial


Mpasho.co.ke consoles with the singer and everyone who has lost a loved one.