Janet Mbugua

Pinky Ghelani, Victoria Rubadiri and Janet Mbugua decided to open up about the small struggles they go through as women.

Not just women, but women in the lime light. This was during a panel discussion about women and their being a need to support of each other.

Janet Mbugua

Janet Mbugua has decided to take up social media as her way of life and means of eking out a living after her sudden exit from TV.

The former news anchor talks about how women do not see it fit to lift each other up but very vigilant in bringing each other down.

Janet emphasizes that not too many good things are being said to and from women and so the best thing is to let the light shine and ignore all the outside noise.

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Janet Mbugua

“social media has become very sexist than it should and it has become pretty intrusive and abusive so don’t listen to that because there are not a lot of good things being said by and to women ,” Janet said.

Janet Mbugua

Basically, Janet Mbugua has gone through so much especially from social media trolls, but that has not stopped her light from shinning at all.

She gave her lessons based on experience like she has been doing to empower other women who need words of encouragements.