Gospel singer Rose Muhando says there are people close to her that wanted her dead and at one point, someone poisoned her in the name of giving her medication.

Speaking to EDigital, the ‘Nibebe’ hitmaker told Jonijoo that she was hospitalized after the incident

Niliwekewa kabisa. Kuna Wakati nilikua naumwa na vidonda vya tumbo. Kuna mtu wa karibu akaniletea dawa, nilikuja kugundua kwamba ni sumu, daktari aliniangalia akatikisa kichwa. Kila nilipokunywa, ilikua kama spirit, nilisikia naungua moto koo, mpaka nikavimba siwezikumeza kitu.

Jirani yangu akasema nichukuliwe maziwa, aliyenipa hiyo dawa akakataa. Tulienda hopsitali, dakatari akasema ni sumu, sio dawa ya vidonda vywa tumbo.

(There’s a time I had peptic ulcers. A very close person to gave me medication and later I came to find out it is poison. When I took it, I felt like it is spirit, I burnt my throat. When my wanted to get me some milk, the person refused, thats when I knew it wasn’t genuine medication.)

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Muhando says problems started following her back in 2011 when she refused to be controlled by her former management.

“Kama ni kifo ningekufaga huko nyuma, yaani niliyoyapitia ni makubwa”

(If it was dying, I would have been dead along time ago because what I have gone through is hard.)

She revealed that part of her problem was depression that caught up with her after falling apart with some of the people that were close to her

I had depression, since 2011, when I refused to be under people, thats where the problem started, I started thinking a lot. At home, I was also not accepted and I was left with God only.

Rose Muhando

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She lost her property including cars, land and houses;

“I was singing and getting a lot of money and then there were people who would eat the money. I would be given so little, people thought I had money yet I didn’t.”

Adding that she has been physically abused while undergoing difficult times.

“They hurt me so much. I have been beaten a lot,” she said.

On the reports that she was using drugs, Muhando declined,

“Why would the person who said I am using drugs say it when I was under them? Why would he say that after I stopped being under them?” she questioned.

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She was admitted in the hospital for six months here in Kenya while her son lived with a neighbour.