Vanessa Mdee and Juma Jux

Juma Jux was Vanessa Mdee’s boyfriend for a long time. The two recently announced that they are no longer together.

The two served us couple goals on social media but Jux says this was the relationship in his life that was both sweet and sour.

His relationship with Vanessa Mdee was the best relationship that uplifted every part of his life and was the longest that he’s ever had.

It was also the relationship that hurt so much and one that I fought for it to work. I was soooooo hurt.

Jux went on to tell B-Dozen that the luckiest man is the one that will date and eventually marry Mdee.

But if anyone gets a chance to date Vanessa Mdee, then you will be the luckiest man in the world. She is a very beautiful girl, smart and she is very good. She is the baddest, trust me.

Vee is currently making headlines with the song Moyo, a break up track from her experience with Juma Jux.

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