Comedian, emcee and Milele FM presenter Jalang’o has for the first time revealed his weirdest moment in life.

The multi-talented media personality said a female fan ambushed him when he was asleep at a local hotel.

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During Q&A with his fans Jalang’o while responding to a question by one of his fans said,

One crazy chiq went to our hotel and asked for my hotel room keys saying she is my PA then hid under the bed akingoja! Alitoka chini ya kitanda usiku…nilipiga nduru Hoteli yote ikaamka!!

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Another fan asked about his biggest regrets and Jalang’o said,

Buying an expensive ride when I dint even have a house…ujaluo tu!!🤣🤣.

Asked about what makes him happy, the comedian who is love and hated in equal measure said,

What makes me happy, is not caring soo much about what people say about me…then not bothered about things I can’t change.

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