Vera Sidika

Bootylicious socialite Vera Sidika is the latest to join Only Fans app, where people share videos and photos with their ‘fans’. You’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee of Ksh3,000 to view her posts.

For these exclusive pics and twerk videos subscribe to my only fans,’ she posted accompanied by a n*de pic showing off her backside.

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Vera joins the app barely a month after rival socialite Huddah Monroe joined and revealed she was making a killing out of it. To subscribe to Huddah’s,  all you need to pay is Kh2,000.

Kenyans have reacted to Vera charging $30 and below are the comments;

feiso_ Heri niieke vikombe plastic kwa meza nizitingize nifurahi

brenda_larsson $30 kuona plastic? Asking for my neighbor and before attacking me jiulize kama mimi ni wa kwenu

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hillary_koros Heri hiyo 3k nlipie WiFi and the rest will be history

6pq.xd Ati $30?? USD??😂😂anakuanga ameji-overate😂😂inafaa kua ksh30

Robert Ouko Mimi bado nangojea apunguze hadi Ksh.30/- nikope fuliza nione vitu za plastic zinakaaje

Gideon Gichuhi 3k yet she can’t twerk? She has posted everything online. What’s there left to see? Upus!

Carolynn Kelly Hio haga inakuanga ngumu kutingika pale sincity🤣🤣🤣🤣sasa mtawaste tu dooh kusubscribe..haisongangi

amchasshy_ Nonsense…. She tried to copy xtaindela’s show it backfired like sh*t…. Now she is copying huddah🤦🤦🤦verah should get a hobby…. Anyway nani atalipa 3gs kuona matako ni kama hatuna zetu….. Shikwekwe anascoop low hii corona time.

_mahora Heri nione Plastic paper bags kuliko kuona mawe mbili za plastic zikisonga😂.$30 Dollars😱😱 aje sasa ata Huddah mwenyewe halipishi iyo design

antonioamoh Economy na Covid ni mbaya…no traveling, no selling bo*ty, no money. Only fans…😂

its_ahmed She broke

itschemo One of the most craziest apps I’ve ever seen dafuq onlyfans ,can’t pay money to see nvdes 💀💀that’s fuc*ed up 😂😒

eriksen_ambs Yani kumbe pia pesa huisha!!!😂😂😂,,,peoples husbands are indoors,,watu njaa intaka kuua!!!

benson.nderii Enyewe nikubaya😂 inaitwa grind😂😂

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