Gloria Muliro and Pastor Omba
Gloria Muliro and Pastor Omba

Pastor Eric Omba came out to reveal that his ex wife and gospel singer Gloria Muliro through her lawyers gave him a restraining order of  staying 10 metres away from her.

Omba who was accused of being unfaithful in his marriage said that the ‘Narudisha’ hitmaker also blocked all channels of communications.

To decide to move on, it was a fight. I followed her a year and a half I even went to her family members. I tried everthing to rEPair the relationship. Bishops stepped in and sat in with us but she said no that her time was over. She blocked all the channels to communicate.


I don’t believe in divorce, I received a letter from her lawyers saying that I was harassing her. I was a restraining order and I couldn’t stay with her in the same room because it is 10 metres.

I used to cry like a small baby for her to forgive me. I wanted to win her back.


He has since moved on and talking about his new wife, Omba described her as beautiful and talkative

Ni mrembo sana na anajua kuongea. I have two kids with her now. 

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