Celebrated Tanzanian artist Ray Vanny has spoken publicly for the first time about his much talked about ‘sexual escapade’ with Nairobi Diaries’ Mishi Dorah.

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When we hosted the shapely reality TV actress for an interview about roughly two weeks ago, she told us that she was jetting off to Tanzania the next day to see Ray Vanny.

When pressed to explain what she was going to do in the country, Mishi said she was going to have ‘lungula’ with the bongo artist, with a wide smile on her face.

“I’m going to see Ray Vanny…I’m going smash Ray Vanny…I’m going to smashhhh. The Swahili d*ck, you know how sweet Swahilis are and romantic,” she said.

Here is the video:

Ray Vanny paid Mpasho a visit on Thursday and he sat down with the our very own Queen Serem who put him to task about the ‘sexcapade’.

He denied booking Mishi’s flight to Tanzania and went on to reveal that they “did something crazy.”

Mishi had actually convinced him that she is a music promoter who was looking to organize a show for him.

When he got to the hotel room where they had agreed to meet, he found her half naked on the bed and that is he went ndaani ndaaani kabisa. Translation: he prayed for her.

“She was half naked then I was like what is it? I’m a man you know… I didn’t want to lose anything, so I don’t know if it was accidental but I did nothing wrong. Yes, we slept together I don’t want to lie,” Ray vanny said.

Watch the full interview below.

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