Comedian Jemutai

Comedian Jemutai has revealed that it hasn’t been all rosy for her. The mother of two shared her story of how she was struggling four years ago before she gave birth to her firstborn child.

Jemutai narrated how she gave birth through Cs well past her due date passed.


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‘My baby boy is turning 4 year’s next month na tumetoka Mbali weeeh.Hapa nlikuwa naishi Kwa single room pale pipeline tulikuwa tunawasha stima mchana juu Ile Giza ilikuwa woi 🤣Nilikuwa nalala chini na sikuwa na gas neighbor wangu Sarah alikuwa anapika kwake alafu ananiletea food..God continue blessings you mama. Alafu Jeremy akapitisha 42 weeks nkajipeleka hospital ikabidi nimekuwa induced ndo nikuwe in labor… My people I was induced from 6 Asubuhi Hadi 11 Usiku.At some point, the Doctor couldn’t feel his heartbeat so ikabidi nimeingia for emergency Cs,’ she wrote in part.


Pesa ya kutoka hospital ikakuwa shida ingine..

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The multitalented comedian had to work and pay her bills and she revealed that she went back to Churchill Show when her son had just turned two months old.

I went back to Churchill Show Jeremy akiwa 2 months ndo niweze kulipa bills. My people be encouraged no matter what you are going through nothing is permanent, let’s keep working hard siku moja tutaomoka 🤣

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Her story touched many and reactions include;

Syph Rose There’s always light at the end of the tunnel

kish_ umenishitua.. through Cs and back to stage in 2 months..we ni wa power madam

Isaack Rugut Manyatta Mungu ako

Kevin De Vince God is great chemuu.. All the best actually God cannot let you down when you pray while working hard.

luciikash Great testimony.

diamond7girl Waaah no situation is permanent 🙌🏾

berylflattummycoach What a testimony🔥🔥🔥

nyambura3837 What a great testimony,tunaomoka

roselynmwesh God is always with us