Times have changed and this generation seems to follow what the western world teaches.

That said, I have known Colonel Musafa as one lad that is honest when it comes to talking about relationships.

The Dodoma Singida maker who recently released a new hit dubbed Ayo has made headlines again.


Kumewaka Moto! Colonel Mustapha Dares Prezzo To Shoot Him For Doing This To Ex-Girlfriend Yola

The lad publicly revealed that at some point in his life, he was kept by a ‘Sponsor’ a woman way older than he is. Mustafa told Mseto East Africa’s Melody Sinzore;

“Yeah kweli unapokuwa bwana mzuri unapendwa, hata vidole havitoshani so what am trying to say is that, that woman alikuja kwa maisha yangu na mambo mengi na mimi kama mwanaume tukashirikiana now we making lotsa of money sahu tuko sawa, hata Quran ilisema kuoa mwanamke mwenye mafanikio ni baraka”

By his statement, it seems he and his sponsor are still together. That reminds me of the old saying ‘Age is just but a number.’