After a long time spent fighting drug addiction, Under 18 hitmaker Jimwat has spoken up.

The singer has exclusively told Mpasho that he started drinking in form three after the song Under 18 made it to the top music charts in Kenya.

“Siku tano, monday to friday ikua na kitu ya kufanya. Nilianza tu kimchezo, ikafika mahali siwezi-function bila alcohol kwa system. Ikafika mahali nabuy pombe nafeel kama rapper wa states.”



‘Rabbit, stop mocking me! Who crowned you king?’ under 18 hit maker tells rapper (Exclusive)

Jimwat was later involved in an accident that was rumoured to have been caused by drunk driving. He says that was his turning point

“Ikafika mahali nilikua nimechapa nakunywa anything. Through my accident, everything changed I had to humble myself.”

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