Our generation is nothing to smile about. If youths are not sleeping around with fossils in exchange for favours, they are busy fornicating and promoting immorality in the name of “we are civilized”. Who is going to save us?

“Nimeze P2?” Form 4 Leaver Asks Jirongo After Nyanduaring Her Raw…

A Kenyan man has left many cursing after he took to social media to brag about how he banged a local s3xy lady after buying her only three guaranas commonly known as “p&nty remover”.

Nilikamua usiku mzima after kumbuyia Guarana tatu (I bought her 3 Guaranas and bonked her the whole night)’ He bragged.

This man did not only reveal how he ate the lady’s nunu the entire night but also shared photos to prove this fact.

This Guarana guzzling generation will be the end of us if nothing is done. But why would a man in his real senses expose a woman after having s3x with her?

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