Mr. Seed has been working under Bahati for a year now with Eastlands Most Beloved Records (EMB Records). He confirms that he has had an amazing experience working with him since they grew up together.

“Imekua experience poa juu ni mtu nime grow up na yeye. ni mtu ananielewa na ninamelewa.”


Mr. Seed has also been working on so many projects. He says he is just trying to focus on the main things and do things at the right pace, the right way. Speaking to Mpasho he said:

“Now I can stop recording and release songs for the next two years. Niko na so many projects for now am still pushing for Simba Wa Yuda because its really doing good.”

In his many projects, he would like to work with any artiste who does good music. He also admits that if God tells him to work with someone he will willingly do it.

“God akispeak anishow ‘I think unaeza combine na huyu msee inaweza work vipoa’ mbona nikatae. For now sina anybody in mind coz nimework na almost everyone in this industry ya gospel.”

Mr. Seed also thinks that the Kenyan gospel industry is still growing. He believes as long as people are preaching the word in their own way and style that’s fine. He didn’t want speak so much about other artistes music because he can’t judge their content.

With the issue of gospel music playing in Clubs he said he is happy that most of his songs, actually all the song that he has released this year, are played in the club since its ministry on his end.

Mr Seed

“Mimi huskia poa wimbo zangu zikichewa kwa club and then mtu anitext ama call aniambie ‘nimeskia wimbo yako na nimekua kwa club manzee imenibless ama imenifanya ni change njia zangu’ unajua thats ministry. Sasa hiyo ndio gospel, Jesus Christ didn’t come for the church. He came for those people who don’t know him na wale watu hawamjui ndio wale watu wako huko.”

mr seed

The worst rumors he has ever heard about himself are:

“Nimeskia mimi niko illuminati, ingine nilidumpiwa mpaka na peg ati nirudiwe. Nimeskia vitu mingi sana kujihusu toka nizaliwe”

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Where relationships are concerned, Mr. seed is not planning to get married anytime soon but he admits he currently dating.

“Sahi na focus na mziki, ile siku nitao nitaita kila mtu.”