Senator Linturi- Wilbroda

Meru Senator Mithika Linturi is the talk of the own. This is after his estranged wife Mary Kittany said he couldn’t rise to the occasion.

In an affidavit filed in court, Mary Kitany says that was one of the reasons they had issues in their marriage.

Linturi was unable to rise to the occasion in the bedroom on several occasions, claiming exhaustion, sickness, but for most of the part he simply could not.

They met in 2013 at DP William Ruto’s office, where she was working.

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The article, which ran in the Star newspaper, became a subject of discussion on social media igniting mixed reactions.

Well, actress-cum-radio presenter Jacky Nyaminde aka Wilbroda has come out to defend Senator Linturi. Speaking live on Milele FM, she said:

Niko upande wa Senator. Why didn’t you tell us when you met that he couldn’t rise to the occasion? Why wait when you’re not in good terms and start going round talking about how he can’t perform?

Wewe ulishindwa kuamsha? Mimi nikapewa Linturi sahii, bendera inaweza kufuata upepo.

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In the affidavit, she also said that he would come home late and tired. Wilbroda also defended the senator on this saying:

He is a senator. He has a lot of work and duties to do. So when he comes home he’s tired! Instead of you pampering him…


This man [Mithika] you think you’re spoiling hi market he is a senator . Hata mimi sahi nikimpata kona mbaya, natamwambia baba, kuja tuu na hiyo bendera yako haifuati upepo mimi niko sawa.

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Nairobi governor also defended Linturi.