Weeks after Ruth Matete’s husband Beloved John died from burn injuries his widow is yet to be allowed to get his body for burial by the Nigerian Embassy.

This is despite John’s family writing a letter to the Nigerian Embassy allowing Ruth the rights to bury her husband.

Details of letter written by Beloved John Apewajoye’s family to Ruth Matete

Matete through her lawyer Robert Odanga, however, accused the Nigerian embassy of wrongfully barring her from picking her late husband’s remains for burial despite his family’s request.

“Even after conducting the autopsy with four independent pathologists present, the embassy has curtailed our effort to remove John’s body for burial.

The family in Nigeria have even written to them (the Nigerian embassy), requesting the body to be released, but they have refused to release it,” he said.

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He further added,

‘We shall strongly communicate to the Nigerian embassy and strongly oppose the decision to hold the body at KNH.

The embassy was duly informed to present a pathologist but it opted not to.

It is therefore extremely unfair to withhold the body as my client needs to peacefully rest and mourn’. said Ruth’s lawyer.