Love broken
Love broken

Nigeria seems to be full of romantics. The nation with the largest population in Africa has a dearth of marriage proposals that end with all parties smiling.

This past weekend was a confirmation of this trend with a certain man trying to propose unsuccessfully to his girlfriend in the full glare of the public.

Yaani, no chills from the ninja.

The video shows his “lady” thoroughly embarrassing him by not only refusing his proposal but also beating him like a stray dog.

The lady in the video is apparently angry at the man for cheating on her. Her assertion is that he is asking for her hand in marriage so as to make up for his cheating.

The video is below:

I don’t know why but my gut instinct says that this was staged, like one of their bad Nollywood movies.

How can you be shamed by the woman you love and still follow her like a beggar.

Will she ever respect you with your moaning and whimpering?

Such a feckless man.

This video comes hot on heels of another  one courtesy of our brother and sisters from the west side of Africa.

In the video a very empowered and enlightened woman tries to propose to the man she loves. But he does not have the time for her, rejecting the offer.

The video is below:

It later on emerged that the man was already married! In this case, I feel for this woman. Putting your heart on the line for a man who is already tied down! Cruel.

Maybe, Nigerians should stop their public marriage proposals, cause they are not working.

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