They say nothing comes on a silver plate and I agree with that. One has to work hard and achieve their goals and Papa Shirandula’s Awinja is one of them. This sexy lass has really worked hard to make her way up. Who knew she would be such a star back in the days when still at Kegoye Secondary School in Vihiga County?

Well, Awinja is one of the most talented actors in the local acting industry. Her creativity and boldness cannot go unnoticed. She brings laughter to our living rooms every time she graces the screen. The funny comedienne is also one of the most sought after female personalities around. Ever since she came to the limelight, Awinja has landed major lucrative deals with top corporates thanks to her clean image.

‘Unaeza Kulika Bila Kachumbari,’ Kenyan Men Shamelessly Lust After Awinja of Papa Shirandula

Awinja, a Qwetu FM presenter, is a living proof that indeed hard work pays. While her counterparts are busy struggling to make ends meet, Awinja is eating life with a big spoon. The beautiful actress shared a photo of her back in the day that has shocked many, check it out.