When you date or marry someone, you let them in on your world. In its unabashed and unfiltered reality. You, in essence, make yourself vulnerable to your partner because you are naked; bare of the usual masks you wear to protect yourself from the world and they see your short-comings in full HD.

And that is why the fallout from a breakup is often as bad as it gets. You cannot reconcile the feelings you once had for your partner could ever be replaced by the doubt you now feel of whether or not they will continue to guard your secrets. And women can be petty about leaking your secrets but increasingly, with the defacing of the monuments to the gods of masculinity (hence the rise of weak men), men are also beginning to run their mouths.

Take what is going on between Nicki Minaj and Safaree. Nicki has been taking potshots at her ex-boyfriend who was rumoured to have written her best lyrics for her -a rumour she vehemently denies. And the crazy thing is that everyone has been sucked into the black hole of insults and hurt feelings -even her friends!

She outed the fact that Tyga needed his hairline worked on just so she could tell the world she paid for Safaree’s hairline. Yep. She dragged her former label mate Tyga just to dish the dirt on Safaree.


But you just have to love the way Safaree has finessed this negative attention into a positive wave he is riding all the way to the bank.

And when we got to the bottom of the dirt pile, we found out that Safaree actually had alot of reason to be angry and butthurt but he instead chose to be chill about his ex-lady love’s anger. Turns out there once was a time when Onika (her government name) had once stabbed Safaree and there is actual video footage of her chasing the man with a knife.

Madness meme lol

And TMZ had seen the footage some years back but Safaree asked them not to run it!

And so this beef, this relationship domez has given us a rather sloppy back and forth and it will take alot for any other digital beef to top this one.