Nick Odhiambo
Photos of Nick Odhiambo before and after shaving his dreadlocks trademark

Nick Odhiambo is one man who made the ladies scream every time he went on air.

He was known to be the guy who took care of his dreadlocks for too long that it became his trademark until the day he decided to visit Betty Kyallo’s Flair By Betty and chopped them all off.

Nick still has the attention of the women despite having shaved his dreadlocks.

Nick Odhiambo

If you know a rasta man, it is very hard to chop them off especially after all the work and investment put in making sure inamea vizuri. They even call them their ‘babies’

Women find men who have dreadlocks very attractive. Okay at least from the ones I have talked to.

So for Nick getting women was not a problem. The reason behind his big chop off was because he just needed the change after he had an HIV scare.

Nick Odhiambo

Nick Odhiambo talking to Kalekye on Talk Central and explained that he was messing around with a hot babe who he later got to find out was HIV positive.

He made sure he went for all the tests he needed to verify his status was negative. Luckily jama alikuwa sawa. After that he promised God he will change his ways and live according to his will and he will never let him down.

I was messing around with this chic then after messing around for some time, I found out that she has got HIV. Weh! Weh! Eeh! I went to the hospital I did all those tests and I said God give me another chance I will never let you down

So in the bid to act according to God’s will, Nick Odhiambo decided to make a drastic change in his whole life. From head to toe. He shaved his dreads, lost weight, moved out of his house, changed jobs and even stopped messing around with random babes.

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Nick Odhiambo

Yani fresh clean start!

Everything just started happening, I changed houses, changed girlfriends, the only thing I had remained was the job and the look. So I got a job at a Swahili station and as things were going on I just had to get rid of the look. That’s how the look changed.

Nick Odhiambo is the host of a Rhumba show Papa Nick (7-9pm) on Radio Maisha.

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