Darkskin lasses are a thing of beauty if you ask me. I am not just saying that to fill out the article, I honestly believe that. I have been saying that about them for the last 26 years. But I am however a minority. There are many a man who are the reason most darkskinned lass has an inferiority complex.

One such man would be Nick Odhiambo. the Classic 105 personality recently took to social media to crack a joke which no one appreciated. This is what he said:


There was nothing (in my opinion) harmless about that statement. That joke falls in the same category as white people making “nigga” jokes or an Arab making an anti-semitic joke. Such jokes are not only ill advised, they are toxic.


And the vitriol matching this post flowed fast and thick! Comments such as this one:



  • Denzel Musonye Do you remember the sports anchor who had dreadlocks on NTV, he was also known as Benard Otieno
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  • Denzel Musonye This guys I mentioned up there are so useless, no need of feeling remorse for them, they had the best jobs with better salaries but they never invested in side kicks, they only thought of alcohol and women, I remember Odumbe giving me a 100 dollar bill in town when I was very young in 2005, the guy was stinking money but right now he is into oblivion, hito ni shauri yao
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  • Lenah Naisula Btw si aweke pics za female relatives wake tuone…if they are yellow yellow…such posts is why aliens never talk to us..lol
  • Denzel Musonye I had to respond, so many Luo ladies have touched my heart as teachers, Nurses, Lecturers and colleagues (even some as girlfriends), I cannot watch a nincompoop in the name of a mere radio presenter attack our beautiful ladies Lo Achieng
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  • Frank Di Mosh Wacheni ma feelings..huyo dem wake ndio anajua u handsome wake na utamu wake..ona venye ni mrembo kuwaliko nyinyi nyote..it doesnt matter wether she was bought…
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  • Denzel Musonye Lenah Naisula I dare him to post his sister’s and cousin’s pictures we compare and contrast
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  • Denzel Musonye Frank Di Mosh please ensure that you do not becaome the subject of discussion here because we do not see your photo on your profile
  • Lenah Naisula Frank u missing the point..the bone of contention aint his jungu woman bt the fact he talked ill bout luo women..n we aint in a beauty contest..y should we notice her beauty?..dude we r very straight ..no pun..
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  • Frank Di Mosh Haya..i beg your purdon..ni venye nimeshiba sana na nafanya nothing,,,,,he he he he he
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  • Antony Masinde Denzel,whether Nick waz serious or said diz on alytnote,it really goes along way to define who Nick is&wat he can be given opportunity.to label our sisters from de lakeside in comparison wid charcoal bcoz u hav apayslip of 1200$.iz total immaturity.look@his best FRIENDS .EDIOT wa buru Lounge
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  • Denzel Musonye Antony Masinde Kumbe the guy is a friend of one murderer EDIOT? never knew that, I guess his arrogance emanates from such stupid myopic friends
  • Mercy Wanjiru Sasa kama aliona black women aseme aliona brown?
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  • Denzel Musonye Mercy Wanjiru angenyamaza kimya tu, owing to the fact that heis a public figure and that what he posts can generate anxiety
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  • Lenah Naisula Denzel nowonder karibu afanane na ediot
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  • Denzel Musonye I am sure he has an inferiority complex that led him to saying such things, him and ediot are same birds
  • Christine Achieng I have always heard u on radio but seeing ua pic profile u r so ugly man,,,why do u hate on ksm women.A woman is with u coz u r a celeb otherwise u would not afford to bed even one of those ksm women….Take a close look at u mirror wen u get home.Haw can a baboon call other baboons black?
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  • Denzel Musonye Yeah, if he wasn’t a celeb, he wouldn’t bed such woman, his little fame and some few coins have really saved this jinga guy
  • Eve Trey Ryan People are different as our faces.am proud to be black from kisumu.no matter what people think am a proud luo lady
  • Denzel Musonye yeah true that
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  • Irene Ong’ango lol the voice is quite opposite of the looks waaaaah
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  • Denzel Musonye Hehehe, his voice plus some English really gave him that job, that idiot is paperless, academic dwarf
  • Shiku Wa Gicheru hii ujinga ya America has caught up with us and we are all black uwe mdark ama light skinned even Obama despite being half black and even his great great great great grandchildren will never be considered white even if his daughters marry white men or if the generations will marry all whites..be proud of who you are girls
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  • Erick Odhiambo Denzel Musonye,you make lugh at nick Odhiambo,if this is what he says,he should watch his she timents or from the day he will get fired,all white ladies behind her will varnish,he need to be careful enough on his sentiments,their is today and tomorrow
  • Annette Opany the lady looks like a ‘hawker’ the make up is so yaaaak
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  • Denzel Musonye Erick Odhiambo these were his sentiments two days ago

    Denzel Musonye's photo.
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  • Kennedy Masiongo Musonye, duale of the day
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  • Denzel Musonye There is no humor in what he said, if he mean’t humor, he was directing it at wrong audience and the timing was also silly, me thinks the guy just wanted to generate some form of attention by being controversial, an art that celebs have perfected so much



  • Denzel Musonye It is necessary for him to know that every person has a weakness, and as we have found out, his weaknesses emanates from his ugly face (according to ladies who commented on this post)



  • Denzel Musonye whenever I refer to brown ladies as blondes I always say that some of them, I know you are not stupid


  • Denzel Musonye Erick I think Nick Odhiambo is a demented case, no one should defend that idiot at all costs, infarct Classic FM must fire him with immediate effect for his sentiments, if it was in USA, angekuwa amefutwa kitambo sana coz no media house or company would want to relate with such a stupid mind
  • Erick Odhiambo @ Denzel Musonye,why do media owners allow such stupid people to work for them,it seems they are satisfied with what he is doing?
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  • Denzel Musonye exactly, the longer they keep him in the media the more we run away from listening to such characters, we have s many competent Kenyans who can work in Media House other than some braggers silly charecters