nick mutuma

Rumours have been confirmed that Nick Mutuma is actually a father to a cute baby girl. He posted a picture on his instagram page of him holding his baby’s hand.

He seems pretty much excited though he has not spoken out about it. As previously stated the baby is his and girlfriend’ Mukami but guess what guys, the baby is actually Bridget Shighadi’s.

Are Nick Mutuma and his girlfriend Mukami parents?

He posted the picture with the caption of the baby’s name.

Dua ❤️

The two had been rumoured to have broken up then bam! If you haven’t noticed, going through both their lives on social media they are actually in the same country and most times Nick Mutuma is spotted in Florida yet he schools in Los Angeles. At least this makes us sure he is not a deadbeat father. How lucky is Dua, their daughter, to have such cute parents?

The two make an amazing couple and maybe husband and wife soon. Congratulations to the two!