Nick is a Kenyan actor, model and television host. He is famously known for being all over our television screens as an actor in the widely known series Shuga which has also featured some Kenyan stars.

He has been controversial lately with stories constantly linking him to random girls and he is one of the guys who always leave ladies going crazy.

A picture of Nick kissing Radio Maisha presenter Mwende Macharia is the talk of the town because they are pozing looking lovie dovie and happy enjoying each other’s company.

The controversial singer opened up about her personal life, talking about how being a single mother has changed her life, posted a picture on her Instagram page and Nick Mutuma is seen pecking her on the cheek.

This act has aroused many questions from fans and we are looking forward to good news of wedding bells.

Mwende Macharia once hosted the Tukuza show which airs on KTN every Sunday.

Check out the photo:

Here are reactions from fans:

nkatha_20: Eish.nick😍😍

jacksonkaunda: Hii dio inaitwa mapenzi ya 40 na si 30 😂😂😂 Lamba lolo

delagramis: 😂😂😂😂😂mapeji mapeji😍

mariana_shique: NickMwende.woow😘😍

karigebeatrice: Mwendemacharia kuna wanaume wanalia saii😂😂😂looking good👌

michael_phillipo: Duh wakubwa wanafaidi

phineekibonge: Nimeona na nimejua wangu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

koriraviud: Ndoa tunayoooo @mwendemacharia

rais_wa_mtambo: Dem hatare

kipyegon5393: so @clemmo has also been watching being eaten from a distance

rayzene: Celeb with a celeb shida iko wapi

ogeorge606: I d love to see you two together as a couple nice blend

felix_modrique: Bae things

lewaevelyne: Esther mutuma & Nick Macharia,,,,Ndengelous!!!

clara_koimett: Mi nangoja tu kuona 5 things you don’t know about @mwendemacharia. Number 3 will shock you!