Betty Kyalo

Betty Kyallo, one of the most followed media personalities around, has already settled at her new home, K24 TV.

Betty Kyallo

The mother of one, who quit KTN a few months ago, is ruling the airwaves, and her WeekendwithBetty segment on K24 has a huge fanbase.

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In a recent interview with Parents Magazine, Betty Kyallo revealed that she’s still single, and taking her time before committing to another relationship. The T.V queen broke up with Dennis Okari four years ago. She told the magazine:

I have met so many nice guys but I’m still hesitant because of my past experiences. Even when I meet someone new who seems nice, I am always walking on eggshells. That said, I know nice guys exist, I am being intentionally patient just to get someone who I feel is ideal for me.

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The sultry TV presenter further confessed that she’s not interested in a man who has it all but a humble one.

It goes beyond the big cars or money and comes to the little things like being kind to the waiter or to children. I love so I would want someone who truly loves me back and sends me flowers to the office or buys me cake, for me, it’s the simplest things that make me pay attention.

In a previous interview with The Star, Betty Kyallo a single mother, advised single women to take their time and not to rush into relationships. She had said:

There’s no pressure. Just do things when you find that person who completes you.

The K24 presenter is among the most criticized of celebs online and she told The Star that she has developed a thick skin for critics. She had told the paper:

I stopped being angry at haters because everybody is dealing with some sort of thing in their lives. There’s no one who’s perfect, even me. People look at me and say, ‘Betty I want to be happy like you’, but they don’t know the struggles we go through. Even the richest of the richest is struggling with something. And therefore, I just decide to ignore trolls. When I see something positive, I react to it and take it in. But anything that’s negative, supposed to downgrade me or demoralise me, I feel zero. It doesn’t get to me. I don’t believe in hating other people.

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