Afew weeks back, Mpasho shed some light on the relationship between Dr. Ofweneke, one of Kenya’s most highly sought after wedding MCs and comedian, and Nicah, his gospel songstress wife.

According to Nicah, the relationship was an abusive one.

DRAMA! Gospel Musician Nicah Allegedly ASSAULTED By Her Husband Dr Ofweneke (PHOTOS)

And since the allegations were first made, we have watched as Dr. Ofweneke begun to unravel -with alot of concern on my part.
People mess up in life but you should pick yourself up and move beyond it.

POMBE SIO SUPU! Dr Ofweneke Gets Heavily Intoxicated At Koroga Festival, Stress Itamaliza Huyu Jamaa (VIDEO)

She recently posted something on Whatsapp stories that we were fortunate to snap and from the look of things she has begun her journey of healing and emancipation and that was informed by all her need to take a stand if only so she can be a good example for her daughters.

Anyway, this is what she posted:

Nicah post