Laila Denise Ibrahim
Laila Denise Ibrahim

Former President Moi was blessed with beautiful daughters.

The second president of Kenya, who served for 24 years was a great grandfather to his grandchildren and we’ve seen some of them defend him from political ‘enemies’.

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In April 2018, Laila, one of his grandkid’s told off DP Ruto for showing up at the retired president’s home unannounced.

There was a protocol fail on the DP’s side, you cannot just show up… without prior arrangements.

Least forgetting that Moi is still a well-respected statesman,’ her Facebook post read in part.

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Well, below are photos of the veteran politician’s beautiful grandchildren

1. Laila Ibrahim

2. Talisa Moi

She’s the daughter to Philip, the former president’s son. She attended the prestigious St Andrews University in the UK then moved to Oxford.