In the past, we’ve all heard the shocking tales of makanga’s throwing out passengers from moving matatus. It is really unfortunate and reckless to imagine how a human being can turn savage on a fellow human being for petty things.

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A while ago, a young man lost his life, after he was reportedly thrown off a moving matatu in Kawangware, Nairobi, over 10 shillings fare dispute with the matatu crew. It’s indeed very sad!!

Now, a 28-year-old woman going by the name Sheila Maxellen Blue, has told a sad story of how her husband, Christopher Chieng Otiende died in the cruel hands of a PSV bus crew in Nairobi.

According to her social media post, Otiende was hit by a speeding car, after a KBS bus crew threw him out of a moving bus along the busy Nairobi-Mombasa highway.

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Read the post she made on her Facebook page below:

“This is what those KBS savages did to my husband after they pitishad him from where he was to alight. His crime was kubishana na hao. Those cursed sons of the devil pushed him out of a moving bus along Mombasa road and a car hit him I can’t pick all your calls or reply msgs. Am left a widow at 28 years with a son who will be two in January. God why me. We were doing fine. Christopher Chieng otiende nyathina,you have left me in this God forsaken world . The only man who entertained my bullshit. Where do I start. AOL yawa. I pray I follow you soon. I love you nyathina. Aol jokama Aol.”

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