Mildred Odira

The story of  Nation Media employee Mildred Akinyi Odira has shocked the country.

The 32-year-old mother of one went missing on Tuesday last week. She left her house in Kasarani last at 4am to seek treatment at a nearby hospital but never returned.

Yesterday, her body was found at City Mortuary.

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According to her family, Mildred’s body was dusty, one leg was broken and intestines protruded from the belly.

Check out photos of Mildred Odira

Mildred Odira
Nation employee Mildred Odira, whose body was found at City Mortuary

 Mildred Odira

 Mildred Odira

 Mildred Odira

 Mildred Odira

Mildred’s friends have flooded her timeline with messages of condolence:

Trizhaa Trizhaa: I can’t believe this sad news that has weakened my entire body. If I was to lose you that was long time ago at StMary’s Hospital but God remembered you and gave you chances to live. But why now Mama…

Jachula Migingo: As a people, we need to talk yo ourselves. It’s too much. May you RIP Mildred Odira. May your tormentors never know peace. Poleni sana nyikwa Debe Nyapumbe. Maa oola chuth!!!

Shyanice E Gathoni Many kids are losing their mothers these days…..what’s happening…we need you God….we would love to take care of our kids till old age our Father……see the suffering of the small ones dear God….who else can take good care of our children except us mothers?….please Guide &protect us from any harm or dangers 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

Ann Maina It’s sad but am wondering why her neighbors would call a taxi for her then wamuache apelekwa hosy na taxi yaani there was no one who could have gone with her really… Jamani tuishi vizuri na majirani

Patrick Gakuru We are in a very cruel world today. We need divine intervention in Kenya.

Malik B Yemi Sad, very sad God give the kid strength and the family

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Wangari Wanjiku Wangari My Father in heaven, the rate at which we are loosing our loved ones is too high Lord! It’s too much, please Lord, have mercy on us.

Eric Otieno: I’m sad that not a day goes by without these sad news. Ooh she was found in a city mortuary, ooh he was found dumped somewhere. What’s happening to us? This could only be witnessed in horror movies. Sasa imekuwa reality. Have Mercy Dear Father

Eidah Onjejo So sad nowadays when one goes missing you just expect the worst may God protect us… We need to grow old taking care of our children. A rise and pray

Wawyre Wilberforce David Sad, our morals as a society have gone so low ending peoples lives has turned to be a normal thing, May God help us.

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