MCA Tricky and Renee
MCA Tricky and Renee

He goes by the name Paul Kimani Njoroge. He is popularly known to many as MCA Tricky, the comedian that has won the hearts of many due to his ‘Chokora’ jokes.

The former street kid came into the limelight after being featured on the popular Churchill Show, an opportunity that opened doors for this young comedian.

It is close to two years since he made his debut on TV and it seems his hard work at comedy has earned him good money. In the past few days, Tricky has been spotted enjoying himself in posh places, evidence that he is now smiling all the way to the bank after three years of struggling in the streets.

MCA Tricky

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From flying to different countries to winning prestigious deals, this guy is making it real big.

Even after being rumoured to be dating a bootylicious yellow-yellow mama, MCA tricky has made sure to keep his love life a secret. The comments from his social media are proof enough that city mafisilets have been salivating over the comedian.

Well, check out what he has been upto lately;



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