“Shhh! Don’t tell everyone! This is for the trans-nighters ONLY!!” Mwalimu Rachel whispered before she revealed why she loves her significant other’s ‘D’.

Like most celebrities, she has taken on the viral raunchy trend dubbed #ForTheDickChallenge

Hilarious Celebs Confessions On What They Did For Good D*ick! All The Details About The Viral #ForTheDickChallenge

“Listen, I’m just shocked at the number of ladies doing the For The D Challenge. Guys Whats up with that? Ladies, just where is your self respect?” Mwalimu Rachel begins her video.

One would think she is about to drop a lecture on moral decorum and how to handle yourself online…

But the beat comes on and she drops her naughty, raunchy rhymes on how good K-Letta’s ‘D’ is.

Mama yooo.

Hold on to your panties…

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“I go hard on this D
F*ck! uuuh! I almost cursed for for this D.
Amma be the lady on this D
Get myself two kids on this D
go crazy on this D
Baby girl don’t trust me i’mma kill for this D,” Mwalimu Rachel rapped

Check out the rap video here…

Ladies and certified THOTS, here is the man with the sweet D.

Look but don’t touch or dare send a DM.