Petite figured socialite Vanessa Chettle has been silent ever since she allegedly broke up with a popular city tycoon. Vanessa, who later got hitched to another man though not as old as her previous lover, seems to have gone broke. Yesterday she took to social media to beg celebrated reggae Dj Kriss Darlin to invite her to sports events.

Meet Vanessa Chettle’s New Boyfriend – And No, He’s Not Old (Photo)

Does she want to date a footballer or those greedy football officials or politician who attend local matches? Well, no one knows what she really wants. Next time I will make sure I attend a local match just to see what Vanessa will be up to and then give you full details.


NB: If Vanessa Chettle is looking forward to dating a footballer, I’m sorry, Kenyan players can’t afford your lifestyle, they earn peanuts. The only thing they can afford to give you is some serious bedroom exercise.

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Try dating me, I will turn you into a princess 🙂