Neno Evangelism’s Apostle James Ng’ang’a hails from a humble background doing odd jobs to put food on his table.

One of the jobs he did was being a herdsman in Nyandarua county.

Well, while on the line of duty, he met a lady by the name of Njoki with whom he got pregnant and as fate had it, the two ended up in separate ways.

The story has been brought to the public by the child he sired in his youth.

She is called Naomi Maina, a famous gospel singer.

Speaking to says she met her biological dad who is Apostle Ng’ang’a while she was married and with one kid.

“It was on March 26th in 2007, I can never forget,” she said.

Narrating on how the ended up meeting; Naomi shared her full story saying she was brought up by another man, who she referred to as her dad.

“I was born in a village called Hianyu in Murungaru Ward, Nyandarua County but noticed I was an odd child from other siblings,” she said adding that her colour complexion was different from her siblings.

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Naomi only attended primary school as her parents could not afford her school fees adding that she was treated differently from the rest of the kids by her ‘father’.

One day her aunt mentioned to her that she was born by a different her father called ‘Jimmy’ who was a herdsman employed by one of their neighbours.

“Since then, I realised this man is not my dad and that is why I was treated differently,” she said.
“Although I was named after his mother, I learnt that my mum got married pregnant and that is why I was named after that family,” she said.

When Mpasho reached out for a comment from Apostles James Ng’ang’a, he said he does not want to be involved in the story.

“Right now I am in prayers in Jerusalem and busy concentrating on the Word of God.”

First things first, check out her photos and be the judge;