Akothee’s name has been missing from our mouths of late.

This time she is making headlines because of her weight. If you have been following her on social media, you may have noticed she has gained a few pounds. When last we saw her she was in the hospital and was advised to just take a chill pill.

Akothee screenshots
Akothee screenshots


Clearly, Akothee has adhered to the doctor’s word. She has been taking life easy, stress-free and eating plenty. She made a very important point saying that if you do not manage your stress, then stress will eventually manage you.

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The best part about her post was that she clapped back at her haters saying she has not eaten from any of their kitchens so they should keep off her weight.


Taken weight like hell! But you never saw me in your kitchen so don’t complain 😂😂😂stress-free life nayo Eeee, life is full of options either you manage your stress or the stress will manage you the grave

In an interview with Mpasho.co.ke, Akothee confessed that she is not dating Nelly Oaks. Actually, when asked if he will get married to Nelly Oaks she said she is waiting on him to ask her. She was very clear that they are not dating but the fans pushed them to act like they are dating.

Akothee Award
Akothee Award. photo credit: file

Akothee confesses that he is a good guy and they are just friends but please note she said they are not yet dating meaning they just might.

We are not dating we are friends, we haven’t started fans have pushed us to say we are dating when we arrive there we will let you know. HAve you seen us kissing? Yeah, so we are not dating.

Nelly Oaks made it clear that the both of them are in a form of partnership. The main reason she said she doesn’t want to say they’re dating because in case they are not seen together they will say they have broken up.