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The year 2018 is coming to an end. December holidays leading up to Christmas sometimes make us feel like we want to have them all year round because of the plans we have arranged for our families and friends.

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Celebrities, politicians and other influential people have shared their holiday plans with Word Is as well as how the year has been for them. To some, the year has been amazing while to others, it has been a difficult year.

From visiting families to travelling out of the country, here are some of their plans.

For gospel singer Daddy Owen, “The best part of the year was when my son was born. There have been challenges but we always find a solution.

Daddy Owen

“My holiday will be busy over Christmas, but the best thing I do is take my family for a holiday early December then mid-December we go ushago.”

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Singer Nameless termed 2018 a “very interesting” year after a brush with death when he was sick. “My perspective of life was very different when I entered 2018. I was so happy to be alive and recovering,” he said.

“It was a year of less pressure, although I did a lot of work with different people and even reconnected with my Ugandan fans by doing a lot of shows there.”

Nameless and his family
With his family

“Chrismas is extremely special for family, and I try and encourage that we spend time together wherever it will be. Over the years I don’t take work at that time just to spend time with my nuclear and extended family.”

Intellectual property lawyer Liz Lenjo says 2018 has been rough on business since elections had the economy at a standstill, which meant finding creative ways to sustain the business.

“However, it has been a successful year for my personal brand because the yearning to know more about IP laws has increased. The year was quite rewarding with a great opportunity to serve my country, a few magazine features, pro-bono opportunities, and Top 40 under 40 nomination. It has been a humbling year for me. I thank God and my family and friends for sticking with me and fighting with me.

“My family and I always retreat to Malindi, where I am married, to spend time with the larger family and just enjoy the ocean breeze and eating all the seafood we can handle.

“We enjoy the little things, like taking our son to the beach to swim, long walks and hanging out with the grandparents. I am always in awe of my son’s relationship with his grandmother. They are such besties!

“It’s also a time of reflection and re-energising. But we can’t forget the making merry and the best excuse to make bad dietary decisions. Gyms and gym instructors live for this season, I bet!” she said.

Comedian Njugush says the year has been great for him.

I became a dad, which means a lot in my family. My plans for the family is we spend time together.

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Denis Nzioka, sexual and gender minorities activist, consultant, researcher and journalist, says: “2018 has been both an exciting and challenging year for me.

“Exciting, on a personal level because I got my first boy, Galilee, who turned one this year, so it has been baby pampers, baby seats in the car and cuddles. Fatherhood is really fulfilling. Though still single, I am searching for the one.

“On the activism front, I was feted thrice – as an African LGBTIQ Personality, as a Champion of Inclusion, and as Africa Feather honoree for 2018 by South Africa’s LGBTQ Awards, the Feather Awards. So, it has been a rollercoaster. I am also self-publishing a book, which will be out by end-year, hopefully.”

Because of his busy schedule, Nzioka will not be travelling during the holiday seasons.

“Christmas holidays are mostly for family, relatives and friends. I have a small circle of close friends who I spend the holidays with, either at home or somewhere scenic. They know themselves! In the spirit of Christmas, it’s time to pray, reflect, be spiritual, and so that means going to Mass, doing some charity work, such as visiting children’s homes or giving alms to the less fortunate.

“In fact, instead of spending money on expensive trips, booze or fancy clothes, it’s time to give it away to the less fortunate. This year, I am supporting an orphan at St Aloysius Gonzaga, a school based in Kibera for HIV-orphaned students. I also have other causes close to heart that I support,” he said.

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Murang’a Senator Irungu Kangata says the year was very nice.

“I married my wife officially and the President came to my village and gave goodies to my village, which shall be delivered in the coming year,” he said.

“I also got a new child and I thank God for that and established a new law firm which is doing well and I that God for that.

“I will be with my parents and siblings as well as my family. As a senator, I am planning a Murang’a night event on December 31 and also to do some public work, like meeting farmers at Mioro village, Mathioya, as we plan to form an avocado cooperative. Kakuzi Ltd will come and teach farmers good farming practices.”

Radio Jambo presenter Massawe Jappani describes 2018 as a great year.

“The greatest challenge was starting up my online business, but it is going on well,” she said.